Why Green Prakiya

Green Prakriya is a functional and dynamic platform that aims to initiate a continuous process of learning, sharing and collaboration amongst all stake-holders towards empowering a sustainable habitat. The objective is to create a knowledge eco-web of how information and communication technologies can play an instrumental role in empowering a sustainable habitat. It is an integration of all efforts towards the attainment of the goal of Green India and practicing optimal utilization of the given natural resources as envisaged the Prime Minister’s National Action Plan for the Climate Change.Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) have had their share in being the victim, villain and hero in climate change and environmental sustainability. Advancements in technology over the years have brought about a tide of information influx and technology gadget era. However, this growth has also brought about its share of concerns towards the ecosystem.

Green Prakriya is a DEF initiative to create a multi-stakeholder eco-web that would act as compendium of green ICT knowledge base for practitioners, policy advocates, policy makers,researchers, professionals and the masses.

  • Lack of information amongst various stakeholders in this sphere
  • Lack of communication to facilitate citizen monitoring and awareness of environment issues
  • Burdening growth of technology waste in the society
  • Lack of multi-stakeholder collaboration for building relationship between ICTs and environment
  • To fuel the ongoing momentum of various ICT and environment mapping exercise

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