DEF’s Presence at ICTs, Climate Change and Development (ICCD) Workshop

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DEF’s Presence at ICTs, Climate Change and Development (ICCD) Workshop

The Founder & Director of Digital Empowerment Foundation, Mr. Osama Manzar participated at the ICTs, Climate Change and Development (ICCD) workshop held on 23-24 January, 2012. The workshop was hosted by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the University of Manchester, funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC). This international workshop was attended by 35 key individuals with strategic responsibilities for either ICTs or climate change in development organisations in the NGO, public and private sector.  Its three aims were:

>> To raise awareness among participants of the role ICTs can play vis-à-vis climate change in developing countries;
>> To identify and advocate specific actions that participants’ organisations can take to improve the strategic integration between ICTs and climate change within development; and
>> To identify the future ICCD agenda for policy-makers and strategists, for practitioners, and for research.

The tree major recommendation points that emerged out from the workshop are:

1. Methodology for environmental impact assessment of information and communication technologies goods, networks and services

2. Methodology for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions impact assessment of Information and Communication Technologies in organizations

3. A method to provide recycling information of rare metals in ICT products


Read More:

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