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India is currently undergoing tremendous economic growth owing to the influx of the information and communication technology revolution. The past decade has indeed been that of the “information age”. However, with this galloping growth in technology together with poor policy, insufficient infrastructure and a general sense of complacence among the citizens, India is slowly waking up to the harsh realities of environmental concerns, climate change and energy crisis.

Keeping in mind the essence and importance of environment and climate changes issue vis-à-vis increasing technology deployment and its fallout on environment, DEF developed an eco-web platform, Green Prakriya that would act as compendium of green ICT knowledge base for practitioners, policy advocates, policy makers, researchers, professionals and the masses.

  • To engage stakeholders working on Green technology
  • To develop a network of stakeholders working on Green technology
  • To create a rich knowledge base of technology solutions for addressing environment issues
  • To conduct awareness and outreach programs through seminars and workshops
  • To develop a collaboration amongst scholars and practitioners nationally and internationally
  • To act as a policy advocate
  • To act as an intermediary or medium to promote E-waste management in the city
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